Over the past few years, I have been tracking this industry and I see that the equations of Innovation would supersede the telecoms greed !

By this I mean that this industry would be taken up like storm with the introduction of the very much awaited 3G rollout in India with major telecom players.

I think Asterisk has a clear advantage over here, coz this brings down the entry barrier on the technology front supporting more and more innovation, infact we rolled out our primary service – English Seekho on a heavily customized Asterisk platform – entVoice

We even did a primary showcase at Mobile Monday on 28th April 2008 – Voice based VAS, with Aditya Mhatre from Indicast who wanted to bring his popular Podcasts on normal phone lines in India.

We are again planning to revive Mobile Monday back in action with the new age Value added services using the Futuristic Soft Switching Platform – entVoice.

So keep watching this space, and feed in your ideas which can be collectively put on live networks to bring in a huge impact in the industry overall.

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