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I would want to share some of the videos of the program Starting UP – telecasted on 28th July 2009 – for Special Edition.

‘Starting Up’ Special of – Segment 1

‘Starting Up’ Special of – Segment 2

‘Starting Up’ Special of – Segment 3

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We have been getting huge amount of reviews all over for the innovation that we collective own with ILFS Education – English Seekho

The single biggest after effect of Proto is that if people like what you doing then they shall start copying you, this is a very good state to be in, but also a very challenging stage. I think this is the challenge that every first mover gets into, we are kinda forced to constantly innovate before we fall apart and/or competition take over.

This also constantly reminds me of our Vision which is “To be the leaders in our business. We stand apart from the competition by being the first in market to innovate and change the game, making our customers market leaders.”
We have made our customers market leaders with our innovation and this kinda gives me a very personal drive to keep up the position of maintaining the leadership position.

Any ways coming back to Proto 2009 After Effects, I would first of all thank Vijay, Karthic and Abinash personally to have us introduced to Proto and second but more important is the blogger community over all who are writing about our baby – “English Seekho“, my personal appreciation for some of the very renowned blogger’s – Hemanshu Asolia, Sandeep Gautam, Navin and finally Sudhir Syal from the ET Now and Team who covered us well during the Proto Bootcamp on 18th July 2009 and in the final Proto event as Elevator Pitch on 25th July 2009.

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